Nestled southwest of Milwaukee, Greendale isn’t just a place to live; it’s a community that embraces you. Imagine charming streets lined with unique homes, vibrant green spaces, and a friendly atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. Welcome to Greendale, Wisconsin.

Embrace the Village Life:

More than just a suburb, Greendale offers a distinct village charm. Picture yourself strolling through our historic downtown, browsing quirky shops, and enjoying delicious bites at local cafes. Parks and green spaces are woven throughout the village, offering endless opportunities for recreation and connecting with nature. Greendale has something for you for everybody no matter what stage in life you are in.

Immerse Yourself in Annual Celebrations:

Greendale comes alive with a spirit of community throughout the year. Join the lively Summerfest, a week-long extravaganza with live music, delicious food, and family-friendly activities. Fall into Greendale brings vibrant autumn colors and a bustling craft fair showcasing local talent. Holiday in the Village transforms the streets into a winter wonderland, culminating in a festive tree lighting ceremony. These are just a few of the many events that bring our community together, creating lasting memories.

A Legacy Steeped in History:

Step back in time and discover the unique history that shapes Greendale. Founded in 1935 as one of three “Greenbelt” communities by the Roosevelt administration, it was designed to provide affordable housing and jobs during the Great Depression. This planned community boasts distinctive architecture, including iconic “backward houses” designed for efficient living. Today, Greendale is a designated National Historic Landmark, preserving its rich heritage while thriving as a modern village.

Ready to Make Greendale Your Home?

Whether you’re drawn to the historic charm, the vibrant community spirit, or the abundance of recreational opportunities, Greendale offers a unique lifestyle.

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