After losing out on many offers…

white and red wooden house miniature on brown table

Finally! 🥰 We looked at what felt like a million houses (maybe a slight exaggeration), wrote on what felt like a thousand houses (another little exaggeration), and finally beat out the competition on THIS one! 🏡

This was the first house that I have sold that had a hidden trap door in the basement, (press a secret button and the door slid open) along with a cool medieval theme. It just felt perfect in every way. So happy to finally hand over the keys so they can make it theirs!🎀

Congrats Clients (she is saved in my phone as my Massage Wizard, I was her Client first!). I just started getting massages this year, and she has been healing my body with her incredible talents.
PM me if you would like an introduction to my Massage Wizard, I am sure she would love to share her gift with you too!😍


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