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A connection 30 Years Later


I love it when my past from LONG LONG AGO (hello, UW Whitewater, I am talking to you) bumps into my present.

Average Years Owned: 13 years in 2023

photo of white painted room

The average years a person owns a home is 13 years in 2023. As life changes like family growth, career changes, financial capabilities, and other lifestyle influences, a different home may be a better fit.

Sidenote- your first offer is usually the BEST offer

I was able to help my Client (and her family) sell their home, for $10K over the list price. It was a beautiful home, only 8 years old that needed nothing.

A referral from somebody who wanted to help

silhouette of man and woman kissing during sunset

This was a special closing for me. I was referred to this Seller by someone I don’t even know.

Sold this one twice!

After the first offer fell apart, (it happens), our Client accepted a second offer that checked all the boxes.

Helping a First-Time Buyer Navigate the Competitive Landscape

woman standing near brown wooden cabinet

I had the honor of meeting this client at an open house last October. She was ready to get her money working for her instead of renting (smart woman!).

After losing out on many offers…

white and red wooden house miniature on brown table

This was the first house that I have sold that had a hidden trap door in the basement, (press a secret button and the door slid open) along with a cool medieval theme.