Muskego Condo Summary by Condo Complex

Navigating the Muskego Condo Market: 2024 Update

We’ve analyzed the latest data (since 2022) to bring an overview of the current Muskego condo market, complex by complex. Buckle up and get ready to dive in!

Market Highlights:

  • Active and diverse: With condos sold across 22 complexes, the market boasts variety and caters to various needs.
  • Price spectrum: Condos range from $149,900 to $499,000, offering options for different budgets.
  • Size matters: Square footage varies from a cozy 938 sq ft to a spacious 2499 sq ft, catering to preferences for intimacy or sprawl.

Complex Spotlight:

  • Luxury living: If opulence is your style, St. Andrew Village offers the priciest condo at $499,000.
  • Bang for your buck: Freedom Square boasts the most affordable option with condos starting at $149,900.
  • Spacious havens: The Glen at Muskego Lakes takes the crown for largest units, averaging 2437 sq ft.
  • Cozy comfort: Birchwood offers the most compact living spaces, perfect for minimalists or solo dwellers.
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Beyond the Numbers:

Data paints a picture, but your perfect condo awaits beyond the statistics. Consider these factors when choosing your nest:

  • Lifestyle: Do you crave lakefront views, community events, or quiet seclusion?
  • Amenities: Does a pool, fitness center, or on-site laundry matter to you?
  • Location: Proximity to work, schools, or entertainment hubs play a role?

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