Muskego Subdivision Summary

This report analyzes home sales data for various subdivisions in Muskego, WI. Here are some key insights for homeowners and buyers:

Overall Market:

  • Price Range: The median home price varies greatly, ranging from $167,000 to $930,000.
  • Square Footage: The median home size also varies considerably, from 1260 sq ft to 4187 sq ft.

Subdivision Highlights:

  • Most Expensive: Fireside Orchard has the highest median price at $930,000, followed by Mallard Reserve at $714,430 and Aster Hills Estates at $700,000.
  • Most Affordable: Hale Park West has the most affordable median price at $345,000, followed by Maclen Meadows at $370,000 and River Heights at $375,000.
  • Active Markets: Candlewood Creek, Hale Park Meadows, Marlan Meadows, and Meadow Green saw the most sales activity.

Insights for Homeowners:

  • Consider your budget and desired home size when choosing a subdivision.
  • Homes in Fireside Orchard, Mallard Reserve, and Aster Hills Estates tend to be larger and more expensive.
  • Hale Park West, Maclen Meadows, and River Heights offer more affordable options.
  • Track home values in your subdivision to understand market trends.

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