Sidenote: first offer is usually the BEST offer

It’s the last closing for the month of June. And this one was so super sweet! I was able to help my Client (and her family) sell their home, for $10K over the list price. It was a beautiful home, only 8 years old that needed nothing.🌺

The buyer who wrote the offer came through on day 1 and wrote a spectacular offer. For whatever reason, the market was a little quiet that weekend, and the Seller decided to roll with Offer #1 and not wait it out through the weekend. I thought that was a good call. Sidenote- your first offer is usually the BEST offer.😉

And here we are, one month later, closed and wrapped up neatly with a big red bow!🎀 Just the way I like it! Congrats Ms. Seller- I look forward to seeing you around the Muskego area. Thanks for trusting me, I loved being able to help you get to your next awesome chapter!❤️

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